Games Planet

Hey Guys (and girls of course!),

So recently I’ve started on a new project for HWS that, once finished, will be integrated in the server. To make this a huge success, I’m gonna need the community’s help.

So what exactly is going on?
The idea is create a new playfield with a “Games Planet”. This will be a PVE planet with no resources or alien bases. It won’t be possible to build here either. Instead, you’ll find special builds that provide all kinds of challenges (and proper rewards of course).

What kind of challenges?
Well, for example, there will be a maze build. This will be an extremely hard maze consisting of multiple levels full of elevators. You won’t progress “level by level”. Instead you’ll have to move up and down between all these levels using the elevators to be able to reach the end. Even after doing the maze several times, you won’t remember which route exactly to take.

Another idea is a “Stairway to Heaven”. This will be a build where you have to show of your character control skills. You’ll have to make jumps to hard to reach places where even the slightest miss could result in having to start all over again. The problem with this idea though is how to keep it fair? How do you prevent players from just jumping in a SV and fly all the way to the end of the course? Sure you can surround the entire course with blocks, but what about extreme lags because of to large buildings? These are the kind of questions that need to be answered before certain games are possible.

So how can the community help?
Well for one you could come up with ideas for games. Keep in mind that it’s a PVE playfield (to prevent players from destroying the buildings), so any type of arena or tag game is out of the question. Unfortunetely there aren’t any type of “indestructable blocks” in the game. Otherwise these would’ve been awesome.

Another way to help out is coming up with ideas to keep the games fair, without the need of building insanely large walls around every single game.

And lastly you could build your own game localhost. Create a blueprint file out of it and send it over to me. Make sure you provide me with a clear description of how your game is supposed to work. The best blueprints will be included into the final product. Remember to keep the builds reasonably small! If your build becomes larger than say 20 / 25k blocks, it simply won’t work as it would cause to much lag for any player to be able to enjoy it.


I actually had someone in the RvB server make an obstacle base crammed full of alien rooms and stuff. It was made out of combat steel so you had to run the full course and kill all the aliens (looting for ammo along the way). Every so often you’d hit a checkpoint with a med station and a cargo box with ammo, seemed like a awesome idea.

That definitely sounds like an awesome idea. I’ll see if I can work it out into a game. There are a couple of issues that need to be resolved for this:

  1. How to prevent players from destroying the alien spawnpoints?
  2. How to replenish the cargo boxes often enough for future players?
    2.a) How to prevent players from looting the entire cargo boxes content just to grief future players?

I’m not formilliar with the capabilities of HWS’s custom server software. I’m sure that if it’s capable of giving items to players, something simular should be possible with ingame boxes. That way you can make sure the required ammo is always there, but it also opens up other problems. Like how to prevent players from abusing this to gain their hands on large amounts of ammo for free?

Another idea that pops my mind would be to remove a players inventory completely upon entering the planet and replace it with whatever they would need for the games. Then, when they leave, return them their normal inventory and remove anything they gained on the planet.

These are just ideas. I have no idea if they’re viable or not. Just mentioning them here because we do have to think about this in order to make it a success.

Imagine you’d need the games planet to be PvE for a time, or restrict access to it in some way. Then make it available via a server restart