Garage vessel question/suggestion

Dear Admins,

the idea with the garage ships is quite nice as everybody can farm the gold to buy them.

  • Is it possible to buy them as one time blueprint for the factory ? Would reduce lag as players could summon them when they neec them / keep some on stock thus reducing lag

  • would it be possible (and wanted) to buy some kind of „one time licence“ (for gold) to produce a vessel with more weapons than standard ? By that combining player creativity with garage vessel possibilities ?

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I can promise you that would be a terrible idea, we wreak havoc without this idea in place and get called out for using the current garage ships… Could you imagine if we built our own? :smiling_imp:

not possible, and would be a disaster even if it was possible, there would be no point having a HWS garage if people could spawn their own admin / alien cores

I think I get what your saying. Instead of having to lift and move ships from ECC, and them being displayed there… Have a ONE time blueprint (Already made and done) added that you can spawn. So its NOT being made by players, but just a ONE TIME spawn by a player who bought it… Interesting.

That sounds interesting… As it could be limited by time or spawns (Assuming its even possible) So say Buy for IDK 10MIL the power to spawn ships with 6 homing instead of 4… Not a HUGE change, but can only be done like 3 times or 4-5 times? No armor boost or alien core, but just a minor “Adjustment” For a few spawns.

All and all I see this as a interesting brainstorm.

Dont take me wrong, i love the garage ships, they are designed with love and efforts. To suggestion is to receive the bought ships into the blueprint list ready to spawn. So players can summon them when needed and dont cause just lag till then.

The second suggestion, as Empyrion pulls most of its faczination from creative engineering is, to sell licences to players to place more weapons on their self designed vessels.

Not possible. We have only control of resources.

Also not possible. Either we have global limits or break them with our own Garage ships. Players can’t make use of them individually.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.