Garage Warranty :) KOLFSKOT has a design flaw

first off, the garage ships are amazing and I love the manuals and designs. I bought KOLFSKOT, but it has a major design issue. If you’re even slightly tilted while in the ship (i.e., not fully straight), the rockets just hit your ship (they don’t go through). so the rocket launchers are basically useless on the ship. What’s our warranty on ships ?

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sounds like it needs a tweak to suit the latest slightly broken game update ?

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Hi Mario,

Thanks for that, glad you’re liking the new efforts at the Garage!

Glad you opened this particular discussion, thanks for the feedback. A couple of us have been using older versions of this ship for quite some time and you are correct with your observation. However, learning to fly the ship to take this into account has one distinct advantage and that is that the Weapons last an incredibly long time. The older Hardened Steel version of the ship could take a major battering and most of the guns would outlast the pilot. Given that this is a Combat steel SV the fact the guns are extremely hard to hit coupled with the protection offered, make it a particularly formidable ship for long fights … imho

Have a think and if you decide that you’d rather have consistent shots from more vulnerable guns, I can move them forward for you. Howsat :slight_smile:

Happy for the constructive criticism, @Fulgrim had the same comment. As i say, the design worked well for us, but the issue needs taking into account when flying.


@DeeExpus i feel like the last patch had something tweaked with rockets. I find it hard to consistently get rockets out even on my Raider class ship.

Yeah agreed mate. Ive just literally experimented moving the rockets on Kolf to the front and out of about 30 shots, there was actually two that misfired. Am sure it will get tweaked again no doubt …

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LOL you want SV from combat blocks and full of guns without weak sides? (maybe you want two layers of CS and 20 homing missile at the back of the ship and killing everything) Go play to SP. Garage ship have strong and weak sides and it is some ballance.

Thank you! I ended up finding out how to use it and still get them all to fire, all in the driving :slight_smile: So I will keep it for now. Great job on ships again, please add more!

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Now you’re talking! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, Happy flying / fighting … and thanks!!

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