Garageship damaged due to some bug

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What happened: Went to Titan with Oriole, with the help of one small Carrier CV.
On Surface of Titan i noticed that CV went from green to red. I was still able to take seat, fly and open the doors, even to dock SV on it.
Decided to leave quick then because of bad feeling and got disconnected as i passed into orbit.
I relogged and saw that CV went from red to white (public).
Reclaimed CV and flew again for a few second when CV opened fire on the docked Oriole. When i realized what was happening, i turned off the guns, but then already two Up-Thruster were gone.
As they are CV-Parts, i can´t replace them and make her fly again.
Player(s) with issue: CreepyNicNacPerv
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Saturday morning
Playfield: Titan
Structure Name(s): Erzratte
Structure ID(s): 27940801
How can we help you now: Please restore Oriole

thrusters will repair on garage ships if you saved template before they were destroyed.
Over limit guns/lasers will NOT repair to template on garage ships.

I will log back into Game and give it a try. Iam not sure if i made an Template, will see it. Thank you for the hint.

Damn, didnt made an save template -.-


that is a interesting situation. Ships going public is a more and more common problem.
Anything else you remember that could help find out why? Maybe surroundings, anything else that happend?
You have a video by chance?

I will try to investigate here, because maybe this leads us to the source of the problem.

Could you please also send us your logs?

Since this is a important/unique situation for us (since you are the first observing the going public situation), I might restore the ship later. Please do not make any changes on it and don’t recylce it. Otherwise I can’t/will not restore it.

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Hey Jascha, thank you for reply, i will try my best to help solve this issue.
First, you said you would like to take a look at some Logs. Uhm, what do you mean with it, because i dont get it. Where do i need to look for it?

I didnt made a video, but i can try to recollect my memory, there were quite a few things i did before it happened.
One Thing i remember i did was using the getshiphere and getshipdown several times, about 4x each. I underestimated the gravity on Titan and fell off the platform.
The used the commands via the homepage, in the Structure Commander, not typing them.
At that time it was still mine, i recognized two-three minutes later the CV going to red.

I also remember something else. I tried several times to open the Control Panel on both ships, CV as well as SV, i couldnt do it.
Short after that i got an popup-message, some Error had occured and i got three options, continue, continue+mail and quit+mail.
I pressed continue only, maybe four-five times until it vanished.
This was when i decided to GTFO asap.

And i remember one last odd thing. After the damage was done, i realized some kind of bug on both ships.
Parts of the SV were sticking to the CV, the Landing pads, scaled to CV size.
Some Parts of the CV, automatic doors, were sticking on SV, in SV size.
I took the time to point with Multitool on them, to be sure about it.

I didnt make changes on SV then, except added a few simple blocks to hull, so that it was airtight again. I can easily remove them if need be.

Hope this helps you some. If there are any more questions, i will happily answer them.

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oh that is interesting. Especially also the CV/SV parts. Because we had that before…

Logs you will find here:

…\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Logs\1905

Just the logs from that day. The error (which will be noted in the logs) will be of great importance

Hey Jascha, found the logs, quite some in there for the day, which one you need and where to send them?


best is if you zip them and then put them in here/or via pm.
If to much upload them via dropbox/gmail… or whatever

I restored the sv close by.


“I restored the sv close by.” Thank you very much :).

Back to my Homebase and checked the SV. Under Devices they sem restored, but when i look at it the Thruster are still missing?

Whatever you tried at the SV, it didn´t work out as intended. Ship still wont move like it should and i have no idea why.

hm I will take a look later today.


replaced it with a working model

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