Garden died out

I am not sure where to place, this info. Already for the 3 or 4 three-month periods once in a while a half of garden is becoming dead. Looks like a random event. I could not find any explanation for this.
Probably you can?

sounds like sections are loosing airtightness. use the airtight tool to make sure it is sealed properly. i have experienced a glitch where the entire garden died due to random power outages. sounds like someone needs to contact the power company :wink:

There’s a bug — rendering. Happens a lot. Only part of base renders, server thinks plants exposed, they die.

Logged out in my farm sometime this weekend. Logged in, less than 1/2 of farm rendered. Relogging fixed render problem.

But, all 216 plants died. Fully sealed, powered and oxygenated — no matter, all dead.

Same here, but happend already last Season to me.

ahh yes the wonderful new rendering settings. the happy medium is elusive on this :frowning: