General next season ideas

Here are some generic ideas for the next season.

  1. transport hubs for planets like the two we cannot access by CV. Put all of the gates in the same building, where player vs NPC missions maybe run out from.

By putting all of the portals or gates in one structure, you cut down on the necessity of our using SV’s to cut through the planet.

  1. make asteroid belts useful, especially for mining (encouraging your beloved pvp).

  2. keep the ecc space the same, this was a good setup, especially with the free to use transporters which saved time and resources as I didn’t have to travel into the planet with a sv every day.

  3. On the planets which cannot be traveled to by CV, I advise not making the planet steep hills such as Athos, but more like what Trinity had at the most. Athos precludes every HV I know of from reaching Metiorites, and we cannot use the HWS SV mining ships to fly over the hills because we cannot transport said ship to Athos or M31p.


Gates inside structures would be good. I died a few times in this season because of random dc, game crash or long loading time. Radiation killed me while I reconnected. Not happened often but it was frustrating always to start teleporting.

Edit: forget to tell it happened at peacekeeper orbits

I advised that you buy some radiation boosters to counter the effects of radiation, as disconnections are largely beyond Rex’s control.

Yea, thanks. I don’t have this kind of problem now, it happened in the past, but it can still affects others.