Get constant Internal Error and lost everything!

Hi, can someone please help me, me and my friend where entering the Gold Sector System when we arrived i got this constant Internal Error, did not help to relog nor restart the computer. We lost everything since we could not do anything to deffend ourselves. We got ripped pretty bad… :frowning:

Nobody knows what you lost unless you can provide structure IDs.

Devs might have found the error. A Hotfix will come soon. Hope thats the problem.
If you lost a lot and everything let uis know more details please.

They lost as PKA attacked them BUT They are now mwmbers of PKA and have given them a cv and some other resorses that they need to help them get established .
Hope you have fun making new friends and playing in our faction.
ENJOY. and if you need help plz ask our members are pritty friendly.