Get ready. On Sunday @ 18:00 CET. New event planet goes live


Prepair your fighters and support staff for an epic event that will take place on EU server shortly.

The goal of the event is to take out the central base core and recore it with your own.


Event will start 18:00 CET and go on to 23:00 CET. After that the planet will go pve again.

Some info about the planet / Event

  • No spawning on the planet will be possible. Make sure you have carrier in space for respawns.
  • No Hv´s or Cv´s.
  • SV´s class one and max 3k blocks as usual. Limit is same as global limit.
  • Terrain indestructible. No digging can be done. That also means that no cores are placed under ground.
  • If you take down a base you can core it and use it.
  • All these rules are the same for both attackers and defenders.
  • All factions invited. Both servers.

TIPS : Remember to put your homespawn ready before you enter the planet.

Prize to the winner

Prize is sponsored by me and set to 70,000,000 credits for this round.

Defenders for this event will be the Dwarven Alliance. (GMC, ACM & AAA.)

A video of the base will be release the day before the attack so you will see how it looks and prepare the attack.


What day?


Price = PRIZE? :wink:


Sunday evening! :slight_smile:


Topic - Changed and updated.


Really looking forward to this! The planet has no deco, no POIs, no meteorites and the terrain is indestructable so lagg should be minimal.

Hoping for some good SV fights! :smiley:



So some feedback:

  • Defenders should only have 1 SV per player on the planet. There is simply too much lag with trying to render 30 SVs on approach. When it lags us out, you guys can see us and swarm us too easy. It almost makes it possible to dive bomb/manuever around when the entire base is just cluttered with SVs :P.

  • While I get that they are defending, 7 bases is too much to fight against. The lag 7 bases creates is just too horrible. Defenders should be limited to 3 bases.

Thanks for the fun and the event guys. I’ll participate again if you put reasonable limitations up.


Btw, this is why it was so laggy around their base lol.


Thank you for the feedback Ranzeth. I realy understand what you are saying,

First i want to say that the event was a success from my side. I bought this planet to drive pvp.I havnt seen so much CV fighting and SV fighting in a long time. Sorry to say we overdid the bases a bit but we learned from that to.

Next Event i am thinking only 1base per faction and 1 center base to conquest (without turrets) (Hand to hand weapon fight…

So lowering the amount of spawned bases and turrets should help. Also making the bases smaller will help. The planet is perfekt as it is.

If you have any ideas then send them to me in private.

I will be back with an even higher reward next time. Until then. Have fun.


can you make so we dont loose RP on that planet ?


If the orbit is not PVE how do you expect normal players who are not part of the zerg alliances to participate ?

In the intro about it you wrote that people should bring a CV as carrier in case they die.
That’s kinda ridiculous as you can not leave a CV in PVP space, people are just gonna wreck it while you are on the planet.

It’s of course all your thing, you got the planet. Just saying that you already have GG for big alliance fights.


pvp event on pve server :grinning:


People can participate still, with a carrier one would normally have a player on the carrier in order to defend/move it. And there’s lots of factions that have multiple members without being classified as a ‘zerg alliance’ as you disparaginly said.

People should also work together in order to take the base. Quite simply; solo players won’t be able to ‘cut it.’ when it comes to taking the base.

Although we would have preferred more SV combat it was still quite entertaining to hear that there was a massive CV fight up in space, one of the bigger ones in server history if i heard correctly.

There is GG, but we wanted an event planet; an open canvass where we could do as we wished, and currently i think we’re just trying to get the balance right, after-all it was only our first event, so we need to do some ironing out to make it even better for all involved.

Best regards


It was something like 3v, not quite the biggest :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want a capture the base combat you can’t do that with PVP orbit, that’s just not thought through.
Give it a bit more time to think about and you will come to the same conclusion.

You could make a capture the space station edition, then it’s fine to have CV combat playing a main role.


Agreeing with lirezh here ---- while fun (I spent most time in the cv fights), perhaps we should try a scenario where fight is planet side focus only.

  1. planet side only
  2. changes to minimize lag
  3. increase opportunity for on foot combat.

Safe cv’s close to planet can be used as respawn stations. Possibly allow planet side base spawns — 100 block limit for those who want to setup planet side respawn location.


As someone who has been part of event planning for empyrion before i think i can safely say that we were attempting to encourage ALL types of PVP by creating a hotspot; including CV combat, and @Ranzeth I know for a fact there were far MORE than 3 mate, as i was speaking to about eight different people in cvs, and that’s not including RED/OPG lol.

But yeah, Lizrezh,although i appreciate feedback; it’s a little bit too totalistic perhaps to say ‘give it more thought and you will come to the same conclusion.’ I’m afraid i don’t. If people wanna have fun outside our planet with PVP CV combat then that’s just about fine with me. As someone playing for the past six or so seasons i’d say i have considered quire enough :slight_smile:

@SwissSteel1 I disagree. I think having both planet and space makes it far more enjoyable and intense overall.

2nd Point. We already did, the mistake was having all three of our faction bases in the same spot, it wasn’t taken into considering how lag-inducing that as well as our ready SV spawns would be.

  1. That’s a difficult one, i don’t think the onus is on us to do so, not when Rexxus and some guys from NA are trying to put that together.

EDIT: I think the biggest thing for improvement is less crazy big bases, we didn’t need a base that big, and no super fleet prespawned. E.G We only rlly need 1 pre spawned SV each for our alliance on that planet, instead each guy had like 5 spares which contributed enormously to the lag.
Best regards


I’ll admit i did find it quite entertaining that RED were basically helping to defend our base by shooting things up in Orbit despite us and them being enemies. Next time RED try to capture the base hahaha.


I meant 3v3, that got auto corrected. I also wasnt there for most of it. I think our biggest NA CV fight involves 20 CVs. What is the EUs been like?