Get support ticket

Hey All
I hope you are enjoying the new season so far.
I have a Request to make… to all the players that put in a get support ticket…
1st PLEASE fill it in as much as possible they are set out so rex and Jash do not have to go though hours of logs to get the information they need

2nd Please do not comment unless you are helping… There is no need for any negativity in these tickets some people who make the tickets are totally new players not just to the server but to the game too and also some speak a different lang and so getting their message across is hard for them… So be patient and if you cant say anything nice do not say anything at all!
We only need evidence for these tickets nothing more or less!

Thanks guys


salut , j’aurais besoin d’aide merci , il y a 4 jour mon vaisseau mère a despawn sur le serveur HWS EU, CV Kamonohashi xs MK2 + 2 autre vaisseaux merci pour l’ aide.