Getting disconnects

I log in to the server get disconnected in like 5 minutes all the time, not sure why its happening… never happen before for me atleast.

Can you send us your logs please and a timeframe when it happend last.

Thanks Thranir

Initialize engine version: 5.4.2p2 (d258db53ba1a)
GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1
Version: Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.0]
Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN (ID=0x1005)
Vendor: NVIDIA
VRAM: 6074 MB

18-06:03:45.300 -LOG- Connecting to server HWS EU | MODs|Hard dynamic PvPvE Universe|Web API…
18-06:03:45.737 -LOG- Connected to server [ConnRes]
18-06:03:45.739 -LOG- Starting Client game. Local player 76561197991849833/Thranir
18-06:03:48.747 -LOG- LogFlags = 0
18-06:03:48.764 -LOG- Loading playfield 'Hunterworld’
18-06:03:49.207 -LOG- Playfield ‘Hunterworld’ with seed 7 loaded.
18-06:03:49.662 -ERR- Not exactly ONE Blueprint in directory C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Empyrion - Galactic Survival/Empyrion_Data/…/./Saves/Blueprints/76561197991849833\best-base-ever – ignored
18-06:03:49.668 -ERR- Blueprint name ‘BAO_Migotzu-Orbital-Hub’ is different from directory name ‘migotzy’ – ignored
18-06:03:49.671 -ERR- Blueprint name ‘BA_HomeportV2’ is different from directory name ‘station1’ – ignored
18-06:03:49.673 -ERR- Blueprint name ‘Thank-you-LL.’ is different from directory name ‘Thank-you-LL’ – ignored
The server has disconnected from the client. Most likely the server has shut down.

(Filename: Line: 762)

18-06:05:13.326 -LOG- Disconnected from server [ConnRes]
18-06:05:13.326 -LOG- Disconnected from server [ConnRes]
18-06:05:13.327 -LOG- Disconnected from server [ConnRes]
18-06:05:13.367 -LOG- Playfield saving
18-06:05:13.387 -LOG- Unloading playfield 'Hunterworld’
18-06:05:15.960 -LOG- OnApplicationQuit

hope this helps!

Sounds very interesting :slight_smile: and Im looking forward to this. However I do have one problem which has been costing me, last night was the worst so far.
Disconnection from the server has cost me two svs now and last night it happened again by the time I was able to log back in for some reason I died, which is quite annoying as I had a stack of fusion cells, epic assault rifle, some t3 auto miners I was in the process of placing while helping new players. I was in the private part of auxilio so it’s not like someone should have been able to loot the container but upon logging back in the container wasn’t there :frowning: I’d like to add I followed all of rexs advice before connecting to the server. So yeah 2 svs and a bunch of stuff now it’s making. Needless to say I closed the game after it happened last night as it’s begining to piss me off specially now that you NEED epic weapons for RP. I need to play without disconnection causeing me my svs and inventory :frowning:

As mentioned please always provide logs so we can try to reproduce / send this to devs. Without detailed information it is just daily business for some people and we can’t fix it I’am afraid :expressionless:

I hadn’t thought f sending a log in where best to send it ? To you or to Devs bud or both?

Either type “cb:log” ingame or since we are kind of part of Eleon please to us via PM for example

Cool I’m just logging in now, ooh an update hopefully it may have a fix for what I’ve experienced but I’ll still send logs regardless, bye bye auto-miners lol I’ll be living off my ocd for a lil longer