GG Base disappeared

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Base / HV gone
Player(s) with issue: Walipoo
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Unknown
Playfield: GG
Structure Name(s): Alpha Omega
Structure ID(s): Unknown, doesn’t seem to be listed in my structure list anymore
How can we help you now: If possible to replace base, had 2-3 million worth of gold in it processing as well as various mats. If not possible to replace gold, don’t worry about it I’ll just spawn another base to save trouble. HV was a throwaway digger.


looking quick on it, it just looks like a destroyed base on a PvP planet. Nothing special. No restore possible.

Or do you have a reason why we should restore it?

Hello RexXxuS,

Curious how it got destroyed if it had ~9000 hours of fuel and OLP/core/gen/constructors placed on the bedrock? Called from blueprint to place down there as well. Checked surface and there are no tunnels leading down to it yet some materials from constructors were on top side so I know it happened after surface refresh. How can there be material boxes, but no tunnels or damage indication?

Also, there are no proximity logs that indicate someone came by to destroy it. Unless they nuked it from orbit and decided they didn’t want the gold?

If this occurred after planet surface wipe, was fueled with OLP on, and after I logged in I went straight over to collect gold. How would it be possible to de core it when it’s also buried near bedrock?


so I see you are allied with RAT since the RAT HV is which killed you.
All connected to the latest bugs that structures lose their faction mapping. Turning to public for example and kill everything around them.

Restored it for now

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