GG double charge for structure

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: double charge for structure limit over faction wide
Player(s) with issue: jaydog THEBIGBOSS Santax Capttech iiSirKratosii GIANT_01 blackfang smally tertim Upgrade
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 22 02.29
Playfield: Write goldenglobe
Structure Name(s): Kratos II
Structure ID(s): 19357415
How can we help you now: please reimburse and reverse one charge it is also faction wide i tried to mention as many members as i can think here, threnix our member already got a refund could we please get refunds everyone sees this double charge on our hws connect dashboard.


sorry for that. Will check it. BUT… its a bit late :frowning: we have the 29th.
All logs about that time are gone…meaning I would not be able to reimburse it anymore.
But since Threnix reported it a few days ago I will do it (since I checked his case at that day).

I will do it only for those being active lately.

Thank youuu !!!

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