GG terrain not resetting

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**What happened:Seems like terrain on golden globe does not reset on the usual prime time restart. But what does reset is the red patch of gold. The smooth wall in pictures is the red patch when it regenerates but the normal terrain doesn’t.
**Player(s) with issue:Ryan and others
**Time (cb:time): June 18 19:24
**Playfield:Golden Globe
**Structure Name(s):N/A
**Structure ID(s):N/A
**How can we help you now:Just informing of the issue.

Super weird with super no clue…

is this near your base? Terrain doesn’t reset near player bases when doing terrain/deposit wipes in Alpha 8. That red area might be the distance limit where it does wipe.

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Ah, right!


Terrain near your base does not regenerate — how cool is that :stuck_out_tongue:

(I did a lot of test and GG always reset for me, so yeah, thanks @open6L, I forgot / didn’t see Ryans base)

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