Ghost Faction ^_^

Hello !
We had some problem with our faction [FST] FrogSwarm. So we have thought if we leave the faction, it would have been erased but no :slight_smile:

Can you erase this faction so that we can recreate it plz :slight_smile:

Now we are [FRG] Frogswarm but it’s not the same you know :slight_smile:

Thx !


actually we can’t erase factions since their number is unique and matched to the server session.
But we could assign one of you back to that faction and make him / her admin owner. ?

Hi Rexxus, what I’m going to talk about has nothing to do with the post but do not create another one, I think you’ll have to increase the number of slots on the servers,The european server I already have your maximum limit that is 177, I think maybe 250 Limit is sufficient for NA and EU.

Slots cost cash man…

What do I get for my monthly subscription? Priority queuing? DO:RE bonus…

I’m down. What are we talking? $10 a month?

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Priority queueing? :thinking:

177 slots on two servers is costing us over $600 a month. Slots cost cash and EMP loves to eat CPU!!

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Ok ReXXuS :slight_smile: i’m trying to stabilize the game then i’ll call you on discord ou on game chat ? as you want :slight_smile:

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