Ghost SV

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: SV result docked but it is 3 km from the ship, constantly, but when we approach the point where it should be it disappear. THe Sv is full of the Gold we mined in the day, it is really important for us
Player(s) with issue: Archangel/jollyroger
Server: Sanctuary
Time (cb:time): 00.00
Playfield: it happened when getting out from Golden Globe, 3 ppl on board all of us crashed
Structure Name(s): JR
Structure ID(s): JR 1994231
How can we help you now: Respawn it inside the ship “L’Arca di Noe”

let me grab a quick look - dont have full Admin on SAN unfortunately, but ill pop in.

Please spread the word Archangel that you ocan help yourself with that workaround: