🏆 Giant Great HWS Garage Ship Contest 🚀

Thanks for the info, Ju. I’m glad for the impartiality.

Good luck to all of us that have entries in the contest!


First number, the garage is empty, what’s wrong with this server?:thinking:
Thirst to buy, one of the masterpieces, brilliant “designers”:heart_eyes:

I voted for you ship as I thought it was well built, was there a need to vote for you own ship though? Your ship screamed awesomeness the moment I saw it :slight_smile:

Everyone did this xD

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I didn’t.

Hello everyone!

The submission time for the Giant Great HWS Garage Ship Contest is over since the 30th of July. But with an end, always something new begins! In this case, judging the ships and the placement. Both for the jury and for the community:

Today at 10pm starts a new event. It is called the ‘HWS Garage Showroom Event’. It will be available every six hours for half an hour.

The next days until the 7th of august all SV, HV and CV from the garage ship competition will be waiting for you there. You can get a better idea of the size, structure and flying behavior of these vessels.
We hope that the event will bring in more hearts from more players in the competition entries list:

If the event goes well, we maybe let it go on. Of course only with the winner garage ships. For those, who want to fly a ship first before they buy it.

Have fun!


:beers:Dear ambitious builders and patient HWS Garage lovers!

:tada:Finally we can announce the winners of the HWS Garage Contest! Woohoo! Finally! The day after tomorrow, you will find all of them in the garage together with the updated ships that are already there.

In the last week we collected some more hearts and the jury distributed their points.

Unfortunately, there can ONLY be 20 winners.

It was a close head to head and we looked closely to every ship. Some where well designed and had a good purpose and equipment. Some others were better in strategic architecture but lack of some of the other points. We collected all of our points and compared them with your given hearts. At many ships, the two results were equal. And at some ships they were a bit different. We decided to go a middle way in these cases.

So if any builder of the other ships thinks, that his ship deserves to be in the garage, he can ask me, if and what we can do for that.

But now I would like to congratulate all winners!! Yay, you did it into the garage and won a nice price! :trophy:

The ones, who submitted multiple ships and got multiple places, of course will get multiple rewards.

Here are the six last places from 11th - 16th place.
Please give them all a loud applause! :smiley:

:medal_sports:Dreger | 16m - CV Miner
:medal_sports:Excavator | 10m - SV Miner
:medal_sports:Flatline | 23m - SV Fighter
:medal_sports:S12 Mechanical | 18m - SV mechanical Miner
:medal_sports:Titan | 45m - CV Fighter
:medal_sports:White Queen | 3m - CV Utility

They will be proud owners of the following prices:

  • 2,5m credits
  • 75 HWS RP
  • 1 Diamond
  • their own ship as a gift (please decide if you want to get it this season or the next season)

Now please applaud all the places from 4th to 10th place:

:medal_sports:Columbus | 12m - CV Miner
:medal_sports:Draco | 15m - SV Fighter
:medal_sports:Omnipouts | 15m - CV Miner
:medal_sports:Protiss | 19m - SV Miner
:medal_sports:Roid Rage | 21m - CV Miner
:medal_sports:Strelitzia | 15m - CV Fighter
:medal_sports:Voleg | 10m - CV Miner

They will get the following prices:

  • 2,5m credits
  • 125 HWS RP
  • 2 Diamonds
  • their own ship as a gift (please decide if you want to get it this season or the next season)

And here are the five 3rd placed ships, please add your whistling to your awesome applause:

3rd place Fighter:
:3rd_place_medal:Murcielago CV | 27m - CV

3rd place Miner:
:3rd_place_medal:Asteroid Eater | 21m - CV

3rd place Utility:
:3rd_place_medal:Blood Debt | 14m - SV

3rd place Explorer:
:3rd_place_medal:Venture | 12m - SV

3rd place Tank:
:3rd_place_medal:Tempest | 16m - HV

They can call the following prices their own:

  • 1 HWS Garage ship of your choice in the HWS 10 season
  • 1 Support Package of your choice up to 5€
  • 1 penthouse of your choice for HWS 10 or next season
  • 10m credits
  • 250 HWS RP
  • 3 Diamonds
  • their own ship as a gift (please decide if you want to get it this season or the next season)

Are you able to get even louder and raise a thunderous applause for the 2nd place?:

:2nd_place_medal:Wrecker | 18m - HV Tank

He gets:

  • 2 HWS Garage ships of your choice in the HWS 10 season
  • 1 Support Package of your choice up to 10€
  • 1 penthouse of your choice for HWS 10 or next season
  • 25m credits
  • 500 HWS RP
  • 4 Diamonds
  • his own ship as a gift (please decide if you want to get it this season or the next season)

Now please exciting silence for the announcement of the 1st place please:

:1st_place_medal:Traders Glory | 8m - CV Utility

He gets:

  • 3 HWS Garage ships of your choice in the HWS 10 season
  • 1 Support Package of your choice up to 20€
  • 1 penthouse of your choice for HWS 10 or next season
  • 50m credits
  • 1000 HWS RP
  • 5 Diamonds
  • his own ship as a gift (please decide if you want to get it this season or the next season)

:loudspeaker: Now a minute of noise please for all who participated in the contest, many thanks!! :sparkles: :sparkling_heart:

@all the winners: please contact me, when you are online. I will send you your ship then.

@all of you: Thank you for your participation in the competition! We hope you had fun while building! Enjoy the new garage ships. I will implement them tomorrow.

Have a goot time on HWS.

Your HWS Team


Congrats, @WhizZLe! And congrats to everyone who got ships accepted! I hope everyone had as much fun designing ships as I did.

Thanks Ju and Rex for all of your hard work to make this happen. I look forward to browsing a garage full of ships again :grin:


Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and congratulations to those who made it in. A big thank you to those who voted for my vessels, and I hope those that did enjoy using them this season and throughout many more!


Congratz to all that made it in the top20… and a big cheers to top 3 :heart::heart::heart:
This was fun, can’t wait for next time :grin::grin:


Wow, i am speechless (nearly :smiley: )…

First of all i want to thank everybody who supported me with a :heart: for this contest and for the overwhelming reactions i got for the “Traders Glory” - it was really a surprise for me.

I would also like to thank you all for the many congratulations, its a honor for me.

Also a big thank you to all other participants, i´ve seen some amazing ships and hover in the contest.

My special thanks goes to @DoktorSchmerz

This comment was the impulse for me to release the “Traders Glory” :wink: .

If anybody has some suggestions to make the “Traders Glory” better or has any ideas how to improve the ship, feel free to PM me here in the forum or at Discord.

It was a lot of fun to build this ship, but i am also working at something complete new. Be amazed:




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Can you explain to me how you picked these winners? 1st place got the same amount of votes that my ship got and yet I’m not even in the top 3. Not only that but there were other ships that got more votes than both of ours. And while I support my friend in TAW and am glad he made third place, I don’t understand how a ship with 13 votes got to 3rd place when there are many many MANY other ships that beat it strictly on votes. Can you please explain your methods for picking winners because I am currently led to believe that this competition was never a fair one, and the winners were based solely on your opinion, and not the votes of the community.

Ju explained it before in this Thread:

That post was made 8 days ago. Basically, a week before the results a new rule was put in that ultimately threw out all of the other rules and states that the winners is directly the result of an unnamed jury’s personal opinion. Not only that but it was on the day of the deadline to submit so people couldn’t adjust to satisfy the new requirements. That doesn’t seem fair at all, and considering I know for a fact that said jury (assuming it’s who I think it is) has biases against players on this server I’m led to believe that this competition was utter bullshit.
You can’t start a competition and then change all of the rules after the deadline for submission and expect people to be ok with that.

Here is the short version of what @Ju explained in her other post - after mmm asked

It´s not to defend that i won, or why i won.

And at this point it would be the best that you read the full thread again, carefully and slow, and if there are anymore questions you should discuss this with @Ju @RexXxuS and @Jascha

Disagreeing with what someone says is not ground for flagging. I think Kittiez has just as much of a right to be heard here as anybody else and while you may not like what she is saying, she is saying it in a respectful manner. I see no reason why her posts should be removed.

with that being said, to help make sure her voice is heard, I will be reposting anything of hers that is flagged.

Flagged post by Kittiez:
I’ve no interest in having another private discussion with these people after the last I had. I’m demanding answers publicly for all to see in case they try to pull some bs like they did last time. Furthermore, if there truly was a necessaty to make changes to the original posting then it absolutely sohuld have been put in the first post through an edit and made clear to all what the evaluations were going to be made by. Considering those are the three that are on the jury then I fully believe that their results were biased against certain players as it was made clear in the private discussions I had with them previously. (hence why I’m posting on forums now instead).

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We foresaw from the very beginning that the hearts can also be easily manipulated. But we really wanted to integrate the community to our decision.
That’s why from the beginning we designed the competition so that the hearts are there to complement our own assessment by the community. This does not mean that the same number of hearts will result in the same placement of the ships.

The evaluation criteria should be self-evident for every designer, if he wants to make a good ship. And they give the jury the opportunity to judge every ship the most objective and balanced way. Everything for the fairness.
And if you say, that we should announce them in the first post: ok, good feedback! This Contest is so big, we can’t make anything right from the very beginning. If there will be a next time, we will do that. But I think, that even the late post of them is still fair, because no one could change their ship at this time anymore. Also I helped every builder to optimize their ship before I put them to the list. Everyone had a fair chance.

And there is really no reason to disadvantage someone.


Ok, do you have a point system for the sub categories that you can provide the community? A grade sheet in what you thought each ship did well in and what it could work on? I’d like to see why you feel certain ships deserve the spots they found themselves in and if there was an actual rubric to judge them by.