🏆 Giant Great HWS Garage Ship Contest 🚀

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:sparkles:Dear friends of the HWS Universe!

A new era is dawning and we can now prepare for a glorious future. We want to explore more new planets, gauge the vastness of the solar system, fight against our strongest enemys, build up powerful trade routes, get know new species and find Supergates to connect our orbits.
What we need for this are new, high tech, advanced and well protected spaceships!

During the stocktaking of our current production halls, we noticed that many ships can no longer meet our new goals and requirements. Some need a complete renewal, others go down in history forever and become legends.

:mega: Herewith we would like to invite you

… to make suggestions for new, futuristic, super practical and beautiful garage ships!

In order to reward you for your valuable, dedicated and wonderful work, we have collected a lot of money and prizes.

To divide them among you and to motivate you to excellence, we thought about organizing a competition.
We are all the jury. You can rate the ships by giving them hearts :sparkling_heart:. Every heart is one point. The ship with the most points will catch our special attention.
The final jury, consisting of @Jascha, @RexXxuS and @Ju, will include your heart points in their scoring.
As always, we will check the accounts of heart givers to prevent abuse

We have an incredible 20 garage parking places available!


!:exclamation::exclamation:! When submitting a blueprint, you agree not to upload the ship in the steam workshop!
!:white_check_mark:! This is very important, because the HWS garage ships are custom-made for the server and should remain so.

!:x:! In addition, it is forbidden to take ships from the steam workshop or other players to use them for the competition.
!:white_check_mark:! The ship must have been built by yourself.

! :information_source: ! One person can submit multiple blueprints.

It is allowed to work in groups, but only one person can receive the prize for a ship.
Each new garage ship will be added to this list and you will be written down as a designer or designer group:


New conditions

… that the HWS Garage Ships must meet:

  • Exposed thrusters
    Only one layer
    • vertical shutter window (transparent ! )
    • or slope shutter window (transparent ! )
    • or Vent (Deco)
    • or SVDecoVent02
      behind them is allowed to build.
      No other blocks and blockshapes are allowed. Even no thin blocks or rounded edges. The whole way till the end of your ship shape: please build no obstacles. Please build tunnels, if your thruster is in the very middle of your ship. Thrusters have to be visible even from the very far away. Tunnels have to be as wide as the thruster itself is. See some images at this post: 🏆 Giant Great HWS Garage Ship Contest 🚀 - #15 by Ju
  • Built-in Polarized Hull Shield with pentaxid tank
  • Build on category: Miner, Utility, Explorer, Fighter or Tank
    HWS Garage
  • Built to fit limits: Drills, Weapons, Devices, Materials have specific limits per ship type
    4. Limits & Restrictions
  • Volume and Mass attention building: we now need container controller and extensions in addition to the normal size cargo boxes. Make sure the ship is still flying when it’s loaded. (SV ➝ minimum 5 Stacks 50000 Gold Ingots, CV ➝ minimum 20 Stacks 50000 Gold Ingots as measurement - except fighters and tanks)

Old conditions

… that still apply to HWS Garage Ships:

  • Appealing design with at least one of the following attributes: extra ordinary, unique, futuristic, aesthetic, convenient, smart
  • The usability of the rooms and the technology should also be practically designed
  • Build a comfortable entrance into the ship
  • Signal logic available: Levers and sensors facilitate the handling of the ship
  • Cover thrusters with blocks on the sides and shutter windows or SV DecoVents on the back so that they do not dazzle
  • Connect constructors, deconstructors, furnaces, food processors with cargo boxes or container controllers
  • Install Landing Gears
  • Sign boxes, preferably with text

HWS Config

To build HWS Garage ships means knowing the HWS Config better than the vanilla Config.
Since I can’t hand out to everyone the HWS Config on instance, there is a private Creative Building Server out there.
Every legit participant can send a PM to @RexXxuS and he send you the login details + password to that server. Ask him for Admin mode, if you want to spawn your ship there.
There you have always the latest HWS Config and all creative tools available plus your friend can join and help you building!
Note: that server is only meant for building. I have no time to monitor it or restore structure or stuff like that


:1st_place_medal:1st Place:

  • 3 HWS Garage ships of your choice in the HWS 10 season
  • 1 Support Package of your choice up to 20€
  • 1 penthouse of your choice for HWS 10 or next season
  • 50m credits
  • 1000 HWS RP
  • 5 Diamonds

:2nd_place_medal: 2nd Place:

  • 2 HWS Garage ships of your choice in the HWS 10 season
  • 1 Support Package of your choice up to 10€
  • 1 penthouse of your choice for HWS 10 or next season
  • 25m credits
  • 500 HWS RP
  • 4 Diamonds

:3rd_place_medal: 3rd Place - 5x:
We award the third place five times - for each categorie one 3rd Place.

  • 1 HWS Garage ship of your choice in the HWS 10 season
  • 1 Support Package of your choice up to 5€
  • 1 penthouse of your choice for HWS 10 or next season
  • 10m credits
  • 250 HWS RP
  • 3 Diamonds

:medal_sports: 4-10th Place:

  • 5m credits
  • 125 HWS RP
  • 2 Diamonds

:medal_sports: 11-16th Place:

  • 2,5m credits
  • 75 HWS RP
  • 1 Diamond

All ships from place 1-20 will be added to the HWS Garage.
Additionally everyone from place 1-20 will get their own submitted ship as a gift. :tada::gift::sparkles:

Start Date

20th of June 2019

Submission Deadline

30th of July 2019

Where to submit

Please send your blueprints to @Ju via private message here in the forum! One clean place. Submissions over Discord will be ignored!

:+1: Please write the name of your ship in your message title. This helps a lot. Thank you!

The submitted ships will be first checked to see if they meet the requirements. Then they will be listed for you to judge in the forum:

:heart::two_hearts::sparkling_heart::two_hearts::heart: We count every heart as a point. :heart::two_hearts::sparkling_heart::two_hearts::heart:

This happens during the running competition so you can compare each other. Up to the last date you can change your submitted and listed blueprint only once.

Good Luck and have extraorbital amount and intensity of fun!

Your HWS Team

\:man_red_haired:/ \:woman:/ \:boy:/


:small_blue_diamond: Calling all designers of the current garage ships

Since the new season also brings new developments of the game, all garage ships have to be reworked and adapted. If you want to see your ship in the garage the next season, you have to rebuild it.

  • Make it fully Shielded
  • Expose thrusters
  • Integrate container controller and extensions
  • Guarantee floating while loaded (SV ➝ minimum 5 Stacks 50000 Gold Ingots, CV ➝ minimum 20 Stacks 50000 Gold Ingots as measurement - except fighters and tanks)

You will automatically participate in the Competition but without winning the full prize pool - you only get a duplicate of it again. :gift:
That means hearts :revolving_hearts: are also important for your reworked ship - to make it better than before and show us if it’s used by others at all!

:gem: Take care of your favorite old Garage Ship yourself!

Due to some requests, we have decided to offer the old garage ships, which have been updated by the creator, in the garage INSTANTLY.

So if you miss a particular ship from the old garage, it’s best to contact the creator and ask him to update his ship.

:small_airplane: New feature for converting CV to SV or HV

You can also copy parts of CV by using the selection tool (Press N - only works in creative mode) and paste it to SV or HV or other way round.


Overall very nice idea, but I have some suggestions :slight_smile:

  1. Places and prizes should be per category - best miner, best fighter, best tank etc…
  2. Ships should be reviewed with respect to their category - Figher ship designed for PVP doesn’t need things like signed boxes,signals with switches etc, but shouldn’t explode after few hits when shield is down.
  3. Not all ships should be required to be able to move while fully loaded - from my experience from exp server available volume is way bigger than mass so this requirement should not apply to fighters and tanks.

Hello @DarthMyrten!

Thank you for your suggestions.

  1. We agree, that every category should get attention and get the chance for a reward. So we decided to award the third place five times - for each categorie is one 3rd place reserved.
  2. It is up to the designer to equip the vessels according to their category. And it is up to the jury to judge if it works well according to its category.
    We will not split up for each categorie how the ship has to be built. We rely on the designers to know what they are doing.
  3. Good Point. We agree. :slight_smile:
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Will it be possible to design garage ships with upgraded shields, for an obvious upcharge in credit cost? I figured if it were allowed, such as the upgraded armor blocks in recent season, it could potentially only advance one level. For example HV shield on SV, or BA shield on a tank. I imagine with the changes, this would have to come at a much higher price tag than the upgraded blocks. Perhaps 5m for advanced shields.

It was just a question I had while building that I didn’t see clarification for in the contest rules. I’m sure overall shield balance is going to be difficult, so I’m happy to design either way so long as we have a baseline.

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On question about limits, usually garage ships mounts weapon armor or other stuff that normally you cannot place. Something has changed? or for ex if i want to mount HVDrillT2 on an SV i can mount MAX 10 because this is the limit you can mount on an HV?
PS there is a guide on how is it possible to build a mixed ship? I’ve never builded any Hybrid so i am a noob but i want to try it :stuck_out_tongue:

This question comes up a lot so we will make it official that no other Shield systems are allowed on different structure types for now.

I changed the Shields so much that a SV with a 50 000 000 Capacity Shield is not going anywhere and will only cause hate - no matter how high the buy price will be.

Thanks for the question.



Does that server got some wipes or ects? Could I go there to build for week or two? (Ofc I will save BP in time, but…)

And ofc: size-class?

Hi and welcome back @AlexAKM

it won’t be wiped and the size class is max. 7. For PvP rather 1 or 5

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Send @gareth a pm, he har a video that showed how to in a easy way :blush:


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an issue with exposing thrusters is the obnoxious light glow on SV with CV thrusters. any way around it?

Cover it with shutters

Yes, Covering with shutter window (transparent ! ) or with SV DecoVent01 or SV DecoVent01 is a good way to cover them. If shutter windows won’t do it, the Vents will.

Uncovered CV Thrusters on SV:

Covered with DecoVents02 and shutter windows (transparent ! ):

Please make sure to use the transparent shutter windows, because only they let the thrusters work.

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On many ships I used triangles and pyramids to leave only part of the thruster exposed. Is this okay or not?

Hi @Chaplain_5-15,
Beside the thruster you can place whatever you want. But behind the thruster even slopes or pyramid shapes are not allowed.

Please build NO Blocks ALL THE WAY behind the Thrusters:

Here are the transparent shutter windows that are allowed to use:

And the two Deco Vents That are allowed:


Thank you for the Clarification. Curves and slopes like that was exactly what I was wondering about.

Hint to everyone who want to test their stuff on the Creative Server:
to be able to also spawn your ships there to test the HWS Config, it is necessary to let me know your steam id / interest.
I’ll give you permissions to do so then.

But attention to everyone on the Creative Server: make sure you save your work regulary there and maybe remove it once you are done and spawn fresh if you join. That way nobody “sees” your work - if you care.


Is there a gg on the test server?

Not right now. It’s default scenario. Why?