Glitched Drones Destroy My Base v9.6

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What happened: I logged into the server after updating to v9.6 and upon doing so saw that multiple drones had spawned directly next to my base and were bombarding my base with fire. First shot destroyed my adv constructor and cargo container and ammo box. Quickly ran outside and jumped into my fighter in pursuit of my attackers only to realize they had no health left and were invincible. More heavy duty spawns continued to spawn next to my base, hammering my builds with rockets and bombs. I was on a starting planet for Freelancers and was literally hours from departure from the starting system. Now it looks like I have to start all over again.
Player(s) with issue: Cypher (TDB-Cypher)
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): 10:40ish
Playfield: Freelancer-Cryo-X
Structure Name(s): Hadleys Hope
Structure ID(s): I don’t know it. It was a base and multiple ships.
How can we help you now: I have no idea. Was talking about the issue as it was happening in server chat with other people. Very frustrating cause as I said, I was finally about to leave the system before the starter planet reset. Now it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen. Possibly fix whatever glitch this is so it doesn’t happen to other people? Very unwelcomed event that happened upon logging in, as to be expected no doubt. Hope this helps.

I need to check that i have powers on na now. If i do, ill come over and help you start.

Awesome, thanks. I’ll go ahead and log in then.

Give me 10 min… so you can chill :blush:


@RexXxuS is fixing it for you =)

An welcome to the forum :wink:

I just relogged into the server, spawned in and was instantly killed. Managed to respawn and grab my bag, then log off again. So should I log back in? Is RexXxuS in game atm?

Hello and welcome @Cypher

Yep I saw the party and the “invincible Bomber Drone”. A bug of the game unfortunately. Will try to lower the hitpoints of the Bomber Drone with the next server restart.
You can login again. I’ll sort it out.

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