Glitched out body temperature

I’m one of the newer players trying to get off the starter world… there was the usual bugs with empyrion but then theres making it unplayable; I began witnessing an unlimited string of getting “too hot” and moving to “heat stroke”. Even when i was in water this happened, even when i was in the shade, this happened. It got to the point where someone is needed to try and fix it because i literally can’t get anything done without dying every 2-3 minutes. Hence why I say this has been making the game just unplayable for me on the server. I can tell something’s wrong with it, as it rains on the planet, I get the usual “too cold” effect, interrupted by “too hot” then I die once more from heat stroke. something’s bugged with the planet and I even invested time into building a base on the freelancer starter world. Before anyone asks, yes I am freelancer oriented. If you can get to fixing this, I’d love to experience the server full on.

Can you post a video of this happening? there are too many variables without seeing it ourselves.

I’ll see if i can, give me a bit.

h ttps://
my video editor cutted it off at 10 minutes. eliminate space for the complete link.

I could not view the video, said it was still being processed, but anyway.

The thing about Freelancer Planet is that the areas around water and also some low valleys are to hot. I am not 100% sure but I suspect this is a way to keep peoeple from taking all the water areas so other can make oxygen and so on. So try instead to run away from the water when you get to hot and see if it helps :slight_smile:

ir was in a valley. ill have a look i guess. any chance i can get an admin to destroy the base and give me the parts then?

Why not just make a multitool and do it yourself?