Gold AM not working correctly

I have a level 3 Gold AM, which should be 3 rares per hour, but it’s only giving me 2 per hour. It always has exactly double what my level 1 rare AM’s have (level 1 is 1 rare/ hour).

Not a huge deal, but it is adding up to a large amount over time. Just wanted to point out that it isn’t outputting what it should.

Thanks for any help or insight.

Actuall its correct
10 per hour / 6 (rare divison) = 1.66 --> 2 per hour

I’m confused how you come across this information. In the Auto Miner Info tab it says 3 rares per hour for level 3.

Here is a direct quote from the Guide “Upgrade level 3 - 15 (3 rare resources) / hour; Price = 60k CR”

hm I tend to look into the code rather then the guide :wink:
Thanks for the notice we will adapt the guide then.

Ok. It also says the same thing in HWS connect under Auto Miner then click on Auto Miner Information. Might want to change it there too.

Pretty sure the math for level 3 should be 15 per hour / 6 (rare divison) = 2.5 . Wouldn’t this round up to 3 rares per hour like the guide says?
The math you posted before is for level 2

I rounded up at least. Will ask Jascha again

Ah sorry. Yes i thought you meant level 2. Well 2.5 could in some stupid round functions be rounded to 2, that can be the reason.

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