Gold asteroids existing?


Is there a gold asteroid in the HWS universe? If so, in which system did you see such a thing?


Black Hole is full of gold asteroids. Is class 1 limited and its pvp.


Or you can do the phenix mission and you will find them there as well


Um, its called exploring? If I remember correctly there are 7 systems with gold roids, not exactly that hard to find…


Thanks for the hint. What does “Class 1 Limited” mean? Only fpr Player which have special experiences?


Ships has different sizes. Those are measured in Size Classes. Size class 1 is a small ship.

Here’s a random ship i found. In the top left you’ll see "Size Class: "
You can use this to find size class of an unmade ship:


Paxxo, close your mouth, i can hear you drooling on a noob blood over here xD

Lindwedler did you know that there is a planet wich whole crust is gold? You can harvest it with hovercraft or garage ships that has drills that can mine on planet (like the EYE that has 21 drills). Its called golden globe (GG) but its allso pvp so be prepared.


So you start by saying paxxo is bloodthirsty.

Then you tell where paxxo’s little base is, and try to make him bring a 25mil ship O.o
Stop blamming paxxo lol.


I didnt say bring eye, i told him that there are options diffrent from only mining in planet by hovercraft. I allso told that there are other gold available than meteors. And yes if you look at the killboard, you can safely say that paxxo is bloodthirsty.


First of all he asked for gold asteroids so your reply is not correct.

You blaming me tring to kill a noob but you suggest him to go into planet with a 25m ships or a HOVER? LOL the easiest way to kill someone is if they bring hovers.
At least with class 1 CV he can warp away and i warned him that is pvp area.
Hws Helper? Yes you sure you help him to die. :rofl:


Like the myth of “Eldorado” :wink: And where i can find this dangerous GG. Is the System of this planet public?


Golden Globe is the planet located inside blackhole system. Is made entirely of gold.