Gold Asteroids = Waste of time?

Figured I would post about this, decided to find out of the gold asteroids in GG are even worth mining, turns out, after taking about an hour mining out 2 asteroids and yeilding only 4 stacks of ore, concluded that gold meteors have FAR better return for the time spent, including searching.

Just FYI if you are looking to get rich in GG orbit, better either head to planet and search out meteors or go to homeworld and search for gold meteorites.

yeah it is very slow gains compared to the alternatives. Since the addition of HV miners and now t2 hv drills, there is no point to mining any resources in space. The risk is too high and reward too low. CV mining turrets need a buff i think.

I take it yall have not run 4 mining turrets simultaneously? Its glorious, the asteroid melts in front of you. But yes, in terms of manhours, rhea or even a ladybug on the surface is more gold per time spent.

That is no issue in the nature.

You are just spoiled by the frequency meteorites are spawning on Golden Globe for example.
“Normally” meteorites are events like christmas :wink:

Of course they are better - always were, always be.

Asteroids have other and better advantages.


Hmm how can you use 4 drill turrets on a CV at the same time ? I can only control just one.

Gold can be mined just has fast as all other ores, one asteroid or meteroid gives around 125.000credits. But its true, you can mine a meteroid in half the time (or a third) than an asteroid.

In GG you can not land a CV on the planet, but use a “throw away” drill hover.

From the PVP perspective both is ok. If a ganker comes close in space you can turn and fight with not too large disadvantage. If the ganker is closing in on the planet and you use a heavy war hover the chances are not so bad, while on GG planet cheap stuff is mostly used due to the wipe.

But to answer the thread, no, earning 125.000 credits from an asteroid is no waste of time. Tougher to earn that ammount through trade margin currently.

Bring 3 friends.

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Christmas? I was thinking more on the lines of Kwanzaa (wtf is that??).

Guess I’ll setup a base on GG tonight!

Festivus the holiday for the rest of us is more fitting for HWS.