Gold Auto Miner: Tweak the Balance

Add up the total credits it takes to purchase up to auto miner level 10 for gold ore. At the 25 Gold Ore/Hour that generates it would take over 30 days just to earn back the credits it cost to buy.

Seems a bit excessive. Either the gold ore amount earned per hour should be tweaked upward or the cost to buy the levels should be tweaked downward.

The current levels might not even be a problem if this game weren’t in alpha and thus full resets come every few months with the next X.0 release.

Just my 2 cents

you keep the ocd and miners on evry wipe…

yes. dont change. they are already a bit on the overpowered side.

ahh didn’t realize those also stayed after wipes, that changes things :slight_smile:

Honestly, i miss the old autominers, but think they just needed a nerf in general, like the current blue crystal miner. 600 blue crystals a day. that’s enough to fly across the universe without ever seeking them. I remember when i had to hunt blue crystals to be able to keep going. Now they’re just handed out, quite literally. Gold was an added bonus, other resources were just too bountiful that you never really had to seek again. Now gold is pitiful, but eh, it builds up, “free money.”

About WHAT hunt u talking? U need 1 field on Moon, for 40-50 BC… 2-3 fields, and u got 100++++ BC. All this farm takes near 20-30 mins. I think, AM just save our 30 mins of gametime.

Now it is more common. I spent an hour on the moon and saw blue crystal up the wazoo. Before this universe I spent hours on waterworld to gather a few hundred crystals to maintain my daily jumps across the universe. Now it’s just handed to you. Moon fields of 20-40 crystals vs the previous 5-10. One day of the auto miner let’s you jump the entire universe just by sleeping and going to work. It frees up travel but negates an entire resource unless all you do is jump systems. I have 12 boxes full of blue crystal that’s too inconvenient to craft into Pentaxid and 3500 Pentaxid in my ocd. I haven’t harvested a single one of them, all from the auto miner. Gold is a bonus, blue crystal is a handout that prevents farming it. I have seen no need to harvest blue crystal in hws 4.0. Maybe to start but once you buy the blue crystal auto miner, theres no reason to even look at blue crystals again.

The same thing with AMD. All simple ores, farms like hell by AMD. And look - no one care!

For MP, and for more fun in space, I think AMD and AM - the best things ever. U waste less time on farm, and more on fun. Situation with BC is the same. U didnt need waste your time on running and farming on the moon. U just go, where u need at the moment.

Thank you guys for your feedback.
We can change this easily but as you can imagine is quite of a challenge. Why? Here is an example:

In HWS 2.0 and a bit on HWS 3.0 the forum was quite dominated by topics like “Too much grind for pentaxid”, “Universe is too large”, etc. People didn’t want to grind that much crystals.
Also Gold was just everywhere.

So for the sake of the new AMD we removed every other ore but implemented the BC HWS AM and kept the GO AM. But now with a rate of 1/6. Before it was 1/3. Also we doubled the upgrade prices of all levels.

600 BC are quite a lot yes but I did it with intention because

  1. a lot of ships get lost during warp, so this should be the last thing you need to worry about
  2. the meta right now is more to focus to stay alive in PvP. This includes able to survive on the rare resource planets and deal with the very strong bases

So yeah I think as soon as the lost ships / crashes will become less (in few days :)) we can also go the road that we make BC again a little more “rare” in AM terms.
I mean I also have added a lot of blue crystals on almost every planet. It is still enough. But the “hand out” principle shouldn’t be that easy, I agree.

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