Gold planet and Homeworld

I agree with TheRaven. As a bunker owner I wanted to throw in my two cents on bunkers, GG, and HW.

  1. Bunkers. They are a nice idea but I think they don’t need to be on Homeworld or GG. These two are PvP hotspots and should be. Have the bunkers either drastically reduced to not hold ships just be able to get inside and have some repair, spawn, medical facilities with small garden and few adv constructors, furnaces, and tons of cargo room.

  2. BA/CV/HV/SV limits - GG is great. Homeworld should have the exact same limits including the CV prime time restriction.

  3. Crust. I think the crust layer is perfect on GG. Its still better than meteorites but not so much better to be game breaking. Use this as your blueprint going forward.

  4. Homeworld - Remove the bunkers, set the GG ship/ba restrictions. Remove all the ore except the rares and model the layers after GG. This should be where people go to get rares not commons as a crust resource.

  5. Common Crust - Add the common resources to other systems. 1 per system. Model it off of GG in terms of crust layer and depth.

Homeworld - Crust = Eres, Zasc, Pent, Neo
Iceworld - Crust = Eres (in smaller layer)
Lavaworld - Crust = Zasc (in smaller layer)
Desertworld - Crust = Neo (in smaller layer)
Waterworld - Crust Pent (in smaller layer)

Golden Globe - Crust = Gold

Nomad Empire or Galactic Oasis - Crust = Magnesium (like GG)

Vulc City or Magma - Crust = Copper (like GG)

Zirax - best spot for POIs, buff these when time is available

Orion - Best spot for asteroids, beef up the asteroids and provide all flavors of common and small amounts of Eres, Zasc, Pent, Neo, and Gold (very small)

Lyra - Lyra or Videl or Son G - Crust = Silicon (like GG)

Fia - Crust = Prom (like GG)

Ori - Crust = Sathium (like GG)

This way you have two main hotspots in GG and HW for the Gold and Rare resources. Then you have mini hotspots on key PvP planets. If there are issues on having common ore crust on PvEvP planets then whichever planet in the sector that has it is PvP 100% of the time. The bunkers could be positioned around these common crust ore spots as well.

The issue with this is they are too big and in too limited in number. They give a few factions a huge advantage. Either remove them from GG/HW the PvP hotspots or reduce their size considerably so no vessels fit inside only a small repair, respawn, few adv cstr, couple furnace, small garden, food proc and that it but raise the number to way way more of them.

If they remain it will be just like GG was last season from what we experience in the last 3 weeks which I’ve heard multiple groups say was pretty much the entire season. ACP got the bunker and entrenched themselves on GG and because of that huge advantage were able to dominate it until the last week or so once wipe was announced and people started OCDing things.

If bunkers remain on HW then the few factions who hold them will dominate that “pvp hot spot” with ease and it will turn into ganking paradise where no real PvP happens. Faction without bunkers have already said there is no reason for us to even try when they have bunkers. It won’t achieve the desired hotspot you want with bunkers.