Golden Globe Factory Reputation Grind


Some of you who’ve tried mining red gold, on Golden Globe the past season know that you need a lot of faction reputation in order to mine 1 hour.

I, and some others think we should change that. Gold mining is already really boring, but neccesary in order to achieve certain goals. And mining gold is in general just a huge boring grind.
And before you can mine for this 1 hour, you need to grind 1-2 hours to actually get enough reputation with either Zirax or Polaris to mine the red gold. This kills gold mining.

So i think we should get rid of the reputation need for mining red gold.
I’m not saying it should be easy to mine, but there’s quite few people who actually like to grind.

And yes you could just mine the normal surface, but that just doesn’t pay enough, and in the end it’s not really worth it. Red gold is the only “real” way to earn hard cash.
So maybe place a POI nearby the red gold again, or something completely different?
You can try coming with other suggestions.


Agreed on this. Income in the game is low for late game.

Or make it so each faction guards each deposit so the only way to mine it is if you have good enough rep with all 3. But don’t make it so you have to reset it each time.

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Yeah, I personally would prefer it if the factory didnt have the land claim device - that the factory guns would be the only threat keeping miners awake as they try to mine.

Keep the factory. Keep the Quest that gives blocks. Keep the rep lost for doing the quest. Maybe buff the quest reward just a little - By boosting rep with the other factions. (making it possible to rotate them, making for a bit of moving around and dedication if doing that)

Make Golden Globe appealing to miners - especially “ninja miners” who are in the medium stage of the game where a bit of gold is still alot and they just need 15-30 minutes to get in and out per trip to be happy. This in turn will bring alot more attention to GG - which is desirable as its viewed by many to be the PVP sector endgame

I don’t mind this idea, IF it would be a fairly large boost. If it’s just a tiny boost, then we’re back to serious grind level.

I don’t think the issue here is about golden globe being appealing. I think many would enjoy just going there already now. I think many newbies are scared of PvP, and that’s why they don’t go. I remember when i was a newbie, and everytime i went to GG i brought 3 bases for defence :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it should stay the way it is. It’s not ment to be easy

Maybe lower the factionrp demand a bit?

Mission traders on ecc. Want to try but costs to much rp.

If you read my text above again, you’ll find out that i don’t mind it being hard. But grinding rep isn’t hard. It just takes hours, and is seriously just one long boring grind.

And after you’ve grinded your rep, you can go mine for 1 hour, and then you need to grind again to be allowed to grind gold.

@RexXxuS Since it seems this topic is dying already.

Is it possible to do anything here?

this topic is much larger than some think and because I don’t want to be the “bad” guy with millions of words again, I just point to a simple fact:

“If you call there is grinding (boring) in PvP then a fundamental issue of PvP is going on”.

Nothing more will be told, just think about that sentence for a long time and then you know that I am already working very hard on a much bigger picture than just “grinding” “gold”.