Good Boy ABN abusing limits again

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What happened?
=> ABN still used HV with multiple detectors after the limit was put in place, they had the tanks spawned already and used them instead of doing the right thing, recycling them.

this significantly gave them a huge advantage as the detector counts as a mounted weapon, buying them more time to fight than we would be legally allowed to.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> ABN

Server? (EU or NA)
=> NA both ? i dunno

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> When they play

On which Playfield?
=> GG

Structure Name(s)?
=> A12Nightmare

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> probably lots of them

How can we help you now?

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Good job filling out the ticket properly!

So you are suggesting that we spawned a bunch of HV’s in Safe Space and then tow them around to go to battle? You being serious? Making a false report is a new low for you, Jams!

The only proof is a picture of an old BP you took in creative. Also, you posted* the EPB file WHICH CLEARLY SAYS A12… You know… ALPHA 12… You know… LAST SEASON…

If you are going to make a fake report, at least make it believable. For example, if you used an SV or CV as an example, that would make more sense. Spawning in a bunch of SV’s and CV’s in Donor Space and flying them into battle is a realistic situation. Spawning a bunch of HV’s in Donor Space and load them up on a warp sled then bringing them to battle, highly unrealistic. When is the last time ABN has used warp sleds for HV’s? :rofl:

Anyways, nice troll.

I am kidding… it was a bad troll.


Then why is this the copy I got from Cyans ship, chaotics aswell? this is exactly as it was when I pressed Alt + O. false report ? get real this is the copy used during the battle where the limit was implemented and shouldn’t of been on battle.

clearly you didn’t tow them, as stated they could of been spawned in already before the games hard force of the limitation with a hot fix.

screenshot of time stamp of captured bp to match? git gud

HWS logs will show

Yep, totally abused what we were allowed to do.


when one of abn died in the tank thats what it said. hence why its saved as such… you know… maybe update your bp names ? idk not my problem, this was the bp capped as it was dead in the field from the battle the other day.

a post from over a month ago… furthers my point the hard limit of 1 is what its supposed to be

Even if we did magically broke the rules, why are you reporting something a full season later? This is obviously a clear attempt at retaliation for TAW being called out for actually breaking rules.

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its not a full season later. this was the other day… using builds with overlimit detector.

The hard limit was set last season… It literally wouldn’t be possible to have spawned an over limit tank at any point this season. Are you serious?


I never saved tank bps last season… this again 4th time was saved the other day after battles

in fact I was barely in pvp…

So, you are saying we have had over limit detector tanks sitting on GG for a month?


Rex introduced the hard limit in A12, how would we have had them in place this season???

Your initial post argues that we “had the tanks already.” You mean like during A12 before the hard limits and used them in a battle the other day… this season… season 13?

This is just documented foolishness at this point.


Big Brain!! :nerd_face:


Thank god for logs, chat history, and the fact that when this all blows over we’ll come out clean of any rules breaking or attempts thereof, and you’ll look silly for sensationalizing…absolutely nothing.

Theres no way we’re producing illegal tanks and deploying them.
The server wont even let you


regardless of this circle you guys are in, the point of the post is to findout if this was used or not.

Clearly you don’t even believe the rubbish you post.

What season was the hard limit enforced Pjams? This isn’t a trick question.

Only thing this post proves is that ABN are indeed the good boys.


I don’t even know how we’d spawn them in… but as the one who built this tank, this was last season’s model. Early last season, at that.

Rex is more than welcome to check anything I’ve built, spawned, and used in battle. It’s all within limits and legality.


This is artistic

Just what are you trying to paint?