Good morning @everyone I'm still alive 🐠[...]

Good morning @everyone
I’m still alive :vulcan_salute:
Thank you so much for all the well wishes and help how to tackle this situation! It helped!
It was quite scary yesterday.
I’m at only 39.3° now but still cold and headache and other annoying things.
I’m sorry but I have to delay the full wipe / new season by max. 1 week. I think that should be enough.
So 6th January for now.
Thank you for your understanding.


Happy that ypu survived and already on the path of recovery :wink:

As myself, and certainly many other HWS Pilots have already deleted their bases and ships, what about a second round for the Xmas calender as compensation & 1 refill of EGS:spawn ?

Please consider, that we have to live for one week now as space nomads in a spawned in trash CV :joy:


Glad you’re recovered RexXxuS never nice when the personal-thermostat breaks! - various plagues have riddled my household this holiday as well - Reading the abundance of change ‘requests’ recently - maybe we need a ‘Karen’ filter applied to the website? - I know I’m not a patron but ‘entitlement’ seems to be developing a whole new 4th-dimensional, level recently in some comments/discussions.


a Karen filter would break under the heavy loads we see :frowning:

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Happy to hear you are alright. I danced with covid last month, it hit me like a bad cold for about 13 days, then it was gone. Also thank you for your work with HWS and the crew.

Best wishes


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