Good news star citizens

There’s 5 new ships under 500.00 US dollars


I can’t tell if this is good news or sarcasm. No way in hell would I put up 500$ for a picture. That is nothing but RSI giving you a meat probe up the poop chute without the courtesy spit and you handing him the cash, saying “make Moar as I cannot wait!!!”

One more reason Empy is better, it’s not P2W and it costs far less!


be nice if they FINISHED the game. Starting to think its a scam and we will never see the whole game. Or its going to be so big that it be too buggy and confusing. The bits they are ready demoing feel disconnected.

Sorry, but I never heard of spending thousands of your real hard earned dollars for the promise of a ship to fly around in a game. IMO if you can’t earn it in a game without having to pay real cash for it, then it’s a scam; the bigger wallet size wins the fight, and the developer wins the war laughing as he snorts another line with a rolled up $100 bill.


Dont worry friend, it will be released as a single player with multiplayer battle zones. A persistent instanced world that never lives up to the open world promised… if they give the bare minimum they can get away with it.

Otherwise it would be called fraud… lol.