Got a question about OCD and the upcoming 5.0 wipe

There has been some contradictory info among people about the OCD and the 5.0 wipe. I am a donator of the lifetime and BP factory. in a conversation in chat, it was stated that Anything in your OCD at the time of the 5.0 wipe would be saved and carry over to the the next universe. Is this correct, or is it only the materials that were in BP factory will be dumped into ocd and carried over? just want to get some verification before I fill up my ocd instead of my BP factory. thanks for your time

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the OCD will not be wiped with a full wipe, correct.
And if you got the Keep blueprint resource package it basically grabs them from the factory and place it into your OCD.
So first of all OCD level 5 might be important and secondly you still need some room left. But only some tryhard guys have already a full OCD. You should be fine then.



Awesome to hear, and thank you for your quick response. have a great weekend