Got killed in Neptune by HVs (PvE planet after update)


Good day all,

Are the planets labelled PVE safe?

I got shot down by a pair of HVs with heavy weapons.
I lost all my resources and CV on Neptune due to Players Camping with mobile gun placements, this would not have been a problem if Neptune wasn’t listed as PVE ( I thought it would be saved to land)

So please scout out planets before landing on them even if they are listed as PVE.


it was on EU server?
Yesterday due the migration phase they were accidently set to PvE. But the origin planets are PvP now as they should be.

In your case it was because you hadn’t an alliance with those HVs owners. Please send to every Trader an alliance request if you want to live save on this planet.

Thanks for the reply and yes it was EU server.

I do have an alliance with some of the other factions…but could not see the tags of the HVs that destroyed me.

It seems I have to start again from scratch as my backpack is floating around in orbit… and everything else was destroyed.

Well, I still enjoy the server and now understand the weaknesses of my CV.

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