Got raid unfairly, they used exploits

Hi I play on eu server, and we had a base on
earth we made and had like 2000 missile on our base we were ready to
defend ourself but people abused and grief to raid us.

They kept on raiding my offline base, their faction were X3M, they
were 2 first one is Andy and is friend Kyle, they kept on spawning to
waste all my turret ammo and they kept on trying to get into my base,
they been starting at: 2016-09-03 - 00:26 and they stopped at
2016-09-03 - 01:58 so for all that time they kept on spawning and dying
like 3 time each time every minutes and spawing again spawing again to drain our
turret ammo then they raided our base and stealed all our stuff I even
suspect them making another faction after and kept on raiding my base
with another name and faction but Im no sure. plz do something about
this cause people should read rules before grefing like that very not
fair. its easy to raid someone offline but when you died around 200 times to raid them really not fair
even think they used a kind of hacks cause they knew exactly where our core was they just dig a hole to it, when we had it surrounded by 4x4 combat steel…


we will look into this for sure. Some general points:

  1. please follow Rule 3.3! There is player on EU with your name “Abanddon”. What is your ingame name and please change your forum name to it

  2. It is always good to provide screenshots. Either from your HWS Connect > Intruder Log or Ingame Screenshots. Helping us a LOT and fixing the problem faster



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So it took us some time but sorted it out for now.
They have starter inventory and are in Prison till Wednesday.

If they break out they are banned.

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U ban them for dieing under base-turrets?!

Ammo draining I guess. You know its all easy. Everyone knows whats good and bad.
Someone reads rules and understands how thay are meant, and why they are here and tries to obey.
Other one reads rules and call a lawyer to help him to find ways around every single word writen in rules so he can say: But in rules this is missing/its not specified enough there.
I would play with first group preferably.