Got stuck in the worst possible place

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: We could not warp out of the black hole. we tried to “lock” to both connecting orbits but neither of us could warp the ship out of the playfield.
Player(s) with issue: of1570 / Lazlo
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 23:05
Playfield: Black hole
Structure Name(s):

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    LAZ - Cargo Shuttle
    Structure ID(s): * List item

How can we help you now: can we please get our items restored.

if i were you i would stealth them untill this tsicket has been sorted

they are gone. how can i do that?!
just login and “egs:stealth:on” where they should be?

just be patient the admin will get to the bottom of it they are busy at mo so just be patient

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They should be back.
Why could you not warp?

Thx. Everything is back.

We had difficulties like desync’s and internal error’s when switching playfields all day yesterday.
Not being able to warp was just the high light. I could select a warp target in the map but it did not display the “warp to” in my overview, so I could not jump. Same for Lazlo.

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