Got warped without my cv/sv



======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======
Visited Lawless HQ ( I’m Freelancer) … after checking the planet over ( to make sure it is pve) i got out of the seat and went to the sv when i got warped back to binomi … without my cv/sv
Ca. 06.00 servertime
Lawless HQ
Ark II and Wyvern mk2
ArkII … 14228402 Wyvern mk2 … 11954795
Any way to get the cv/sv to me ? I’m floating in binomi space currently


Just so you know for next time (Although you have probably figured it out by now) You cannot access the HQ planet/orbit of other origins. They are exclusive to each. It will warp your back where you came from (and sometimes without your vessel).


Actually I was able to visit the Alliance HQ without problems … and reading about the Freelancer History i thought i could visit Lawless HQ as well. Anyhow . I did get myself back into a ship but dont think i try to retrieve the 2 stuck in Lawless Space ( despite all the stuff in both) … so if Admin could delete them …that way i dont have for the regular delete to wait to build another cv .


I just warped them above you so that you can salvage them.


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