GOTR not getting RP points

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What happened: GOTR not getting pve+pvp RP daily 12/24
Player(s) with issue: GOTR, everyone I’ve talked to
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 12/24
Playfield: *
Structure Name(s): *
Structure ID(s): -
How can we help you now: +3 RP? "Received 5 RP for warping,Received 7 RP for 300 Pentaxid (refined),Found only structures in PVP or PvE, not on both. No RP received"
We have a base in a PVP zone, and PVE zone.

It worked on 12/23, the base has not been destroyed. Odd.

Hey @EvilSmoo,

I think the main confusion comes from your donator planet attribute.
Per default every donator planet has the flag set “Prevent RP PvE Check”. But in your case it is wrong and I removed it.
So PvE should be registered along your PvP base now.

The other PvE stuff was on starter planets which are excluded by default as well.

Let’s see tomorrow if this was the reason, otherwise I have to crawl the logs.

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