Gportal Setup

Whats the trick to installing EAH on my local computer while the Empyrion server is hosted by G-portal? when i install and fire up EAH for the first time on my computer it asks if server is here or remote… i choose remote. then it asks for IP and port. I fill those in. then it never connects.
Am I missing something? I see EAH in the folders on Gportal. Does Gportal need to do something to activate on that side also? Or am I missing a setup step here somewhere?


please only create on ticket. Either here or in discord or in the empyrion forum, but please not in all 3 at the same time.
As Taelyin mentioned you need to get in contact with G-portal for that. G-Portal currently does not support the full version as far as I know. So you would have to use the lite version and enter the data G-Portal gives you.

If you search here in the forum for gportal you find some examples on how to set it up: