Graphic Settings/Lag

Need some advice here, recently PVP has become unplayable for me

Issue: Whenever a group of 4+ CV’s from the Golden Globe Clan Alliance enters a playfield I am in, my fps drops to somewhere between 1 and 5 and my game starts freezing. Sometimes it disconnects me. Needless to say, this makes fighting a non option, and running very difficult.

Now I have to assume it’s clientside or this large hunting party would be having just as hard of a time as I am, so anyone have advice on game settings or is this just a hardware thing?

best advice… set to a minimum… Nothing to loose except if you are streaming. Turn off all backrunning stuff, like chrome, discord and all you have…
I have from devs my self that they are really working on the performance… They dont want this to be a highperf game theme self…
My pc is not the best, but i run just fine… What is your specs?

I5 750 (Old AF) Oc’d @ 3.7
16gb Ram
7970 Amd GPU

So the hardware is on the older side now, but in Alpha 7 it was good for 50-60 FPS, 30 in a big fight, Something has changed with 8.0. Apparently no Config file for fine tuning some of the features which makes it harder (Impossible) to fix without upgrading I think. My blind (Very light testing) assumption is that something is different with lights as they now seem to tank my FPS

yeah… i really do feel for you… Your hardwear are to low it seems…
as far is i see, there is nothing more you can do… maybe @Jascha has a suggestion… But for now, the game is just not made for your pc… i hope i am wrong…

So funny, but with those specs you can easily run creed at medium settings… and that is an mazing game.

Like I said it did more than ok in Alpha 7, disappointing that 8 makes such a difference

Well sadly this is how early access game work out. The further into the developement we get the more strain there is going to be on your pc. I have seen this in other games like 7D2D where people are having more and more issues with performance. Though some of it is because people want to run the game as if it was AAA quality and complete.

I know nothing about AMD GPUs your CPU and RAM should be fine. Let me ask you though your internet speeds are they up to the task? There is a lot more detail and what not now with 8 bigger planets and so many other things. I do not know for a fact but seems more info moving back and forth between server and client. That said it is your internet that is needing to handle that. I think is play games your Download speeds are the most important. I do not PVP yet if I do at all but seems that 4 CV battleships would be a lot of info to transmitt back to your PC. Where as on the upload there would only be you.

One way you could test this therory of the net being the issue is set up a creative orbit with equal amount of CVs see if your game is effected. Because it is all local your net has no work to do here. If all runs fine crank up the amount of structures of any kind in the playfield.

Now I could be way off with the internet being the issue here it is an educated guess because I am not in your home I do not know the details. I get 100Mbps DL and 10Mbps UP seem to run the game find on HWS. Not sure if there was a difference before I downgraded from 100 Down 30 up. I get not everyone is that fortunate but still if my therories help just a little it is worth it.

what you say may be a solution… But here… it is his computer… sadly! We have seen it before

Got 150 Up+Down (I love it)
Computer is 2-3x recommended requirements (A 7970 is the same arch as a 280X, Tahiti I believe, and the recommended CPU is a Core2Quad!!!) those I imagine are out of date though

It being an alpha game? Yeah absolutely. Was hoping someone had a solution like changing a 1 to a 0 in the config for light display, but that does not appear to be an option.

The minimum specs on the website are outdated but they are also for Single Player. Load up a single player game with your specs and I can almost bet it runs at least 45-50fps. Multiplayer (especially a server with 170 players and hundreds upon hundreds of structures preloading) is an entirely different animal. There is a lot of processing going on in 8 with multiple biomes, entities, structures, weather, rendering etc. Even a 1080ti will show moments of fps lag on a crowded planet in Alpha 8. In Alpha 7 we had lag when entering playfields. In Alpha 8 a lot of that is being preloaded and thus utilizing more memory and CPU not to mention the extended draw distance in 8.

There is some light on the horizon regarding this issue. There is something in the works called local cache rendering which could be ‘huge’ in terms of performance. No longer would we load everything in a playfield just that which is ‘local’ to us. How ‘local’ is defined code-wise we shall have to see.

Well I suppose it’s well past time to upgrade anyways, fingers crossed on the optimizations. As far as Alpha games go Empyrion is top notch, but I don’t expect it to be smooth all the time. Thanks for the input guys, looks like money is the answer.

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