Gravity Gen not working in deepspace

Last night the gravity generator decided to not work on our deep space space station. I tried turning the station on and off, relogging, deleting and placing a new one but nothing seems to fix the no gravity situation. So before I post the ID I was just want to be sure no one other than admins can use the ID for location.

We cant use the ID for location but if you give us the co-ordinates we will let you know if we find it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks Kogami! Base ID is 29321009 Called DeepSpace - Set to NFA faction.

Not sure we can do anything about that. But you can try to narrow the bug down by more tests.

He is messing with you, do not post your coords to any deep space anything. Ever.
Have you checked to make sure that the grav gen is turned on in p menu?
Also that you are not too far from it?

he knows i’m joking

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I believe this bug can be eliminated by blueprinting the base again, I’ve also had it

My grav gen doesn’t work on my CV in deep space, and my medic station doesn’t work in deep space on my base. the reverse works in both cases. maybe I’ll try re-blueprinting.

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