Greifing on EU ECC parking pad

Theres a fake ACM ship parked at the ECC Bank that is a trap, its called ACM-Sled-Bus-6.0. Its parked with the hanger door open. I walked inside check it out and closed the door. when I tried to open it it said wrong faction, couldn t use the P panel. I was trapped, had to send my back pack contents to OCD (cept my Alien Containers) and suicide to get out. Isn’t that greifing?
Admins, please deletye this ship and punish whoever parked it there. I am in the ACM faction so I had business on that ship, I didnt notice the color of the name till it was too late.



Sorry @Schuft but this ingame faction drama is not our business.
Especially if you got trapped by your own members ships - it belonged to @aernoud

So yeah, talk to him and he won’t be happy if I delete his ship only because a “thief / tourist” wanted to lurk inside it (not meaning you but in general scenarios like that).

If it looks like a trap, smells like a trap, it is probably a trap :smiley:

Stay cool and have fun

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