Griefed, not sure which TAW member did it

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What happened:

Hi Rex, sorry to bother you but we are babies who need a babysitter, apparently.

I did what I do every wipe, I dropped in to Atlantis to grab my epic armor, the first step once I’m able to get there, I do it every time.

This time was especially frustrating before even getting there due to the unexpected 2nd time in a season having to do it, as well as not being able to get into the server due to it being full for a while there.

But I got there, and apparently the spot I landed on was no good for the people building the base, they said so, and that is OK. I have no way of telling what someone considers to be complete and one way or another, there is always a base right on top of the POI to land on and grab it. In any case, I let them know I’d grab it and be out, which I did (I got lost, I am bad with direction), and came back up after getting my armor to find my SV walled in.

Since it was walled in and is now a part of the base, I suppose it was not actually in the way after all, but this childish behavior in PvE needs to be addressed.

Anyway, provided the full backstory so you know I did not just land planning to block anything, was respectful, and in the end got walled in, very nice.

I’m sorry your time has been wasted, mine has too.

Player(s) with issue:
=> timex

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 03:25 June 24

=> Atlantis

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):
=> 87125

How can we help you now:

Delete the ship, return the EB credits for it’s purchase.

Long-term, ATLANTIS is a popular spot that almost every player goes to. I don’t know what you can do to do it better, if I didn’t have to do it twice this season I would have never been there to start with, but perhaps making it a HWS welcome center is better than allowing PvE factions to do stuff like this, it is annoying.

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While the griefing sucks and that’s a separate issue i think you could get it out with the cb:getshiphere:id command,

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Ship was moved.

that what they did is a quite stupid move, but there are trolls in every game…and you can always try to move your ship with cb:getshipdown:ID and cb:getshiphere:ID commands in chat or directly from Structure Commander on HWS Connect, getshipdown should do the job, i believe…

Normally, if no griefing and rivalry is involved it works perfectly, for years now.
It’s a server run by and for the communtiy to a degree.

Overall first come, first serve is a good start to think about that.
And “parking” at someone below or building even on top of others base in PvE is obviously and straight forward griefing.

Edit: I saw a video about walling the structure of @imtimex
All of this dirty Atlantis fight has a bad taste. But no matter what faction tries to grief next time there will be consequences.