Griefed small vessel

i dont know how long exactly i’ve been playing, but i wasnt able to play for a few days and in turn only got my ship built yesterday. this morning i logged in to find my ship was looted, destroyed and now i have to start back at square 1, with no way to get off the main planet. can i get any help?

whats your origin

and what server

i was on HWS server 1 i think, and i was on the desert starter as a lawless. i dont remember and my list of servers is not loading

damn well if u were freelancer i could have come and helped u out

i dont know if its possible to become freelance?

well you could use cb:reset, but are you on na server or eu server

eu if memory serves me right

well if u in eu and u cb:reset freelancer ill be able to get you off starter nad give u some things to help u along

that would be greatly appreciated.


ill get things ready on my end

im in NA server… maybe ill just transfer over to eu though if thats possible.

well you could just start on eu, then do csw to na when i got u sorted

ok i have a cv ready and a spawn pad
,will quickly make a sv for you

do u want a pvp or pve sv?

you looking to add another faction member?

we could do u have discord then admins can close this tickert

cool cool. i got some connection issues here im in the middle of the woods and dont have hardwire connection (yet) but i will be a regular. and im getting discord now

awesome as soon as u on pm me