Griefer took my bag on starter

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=> Keryoxx took my bag when trying to use his hovver drill going under my base on starter planet at approx 5.20pm . i had everything in it 1500 fuel ore pentaxid 7500 plates food estrium and zarcos i found plus epic gun.

Help pl;ease i know its against the rules i want all my gear back he laughed in chat when eveyone was telling him is was against the rules .
Mr Jellylegs ps no admin on on a friday night ?

Please fill out all this info :wink:
It’ll make it a lot easier for the admins to help you.

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Took me really too much time. Can’t do it next time anymore.
Also I changed the title. No need to exaggerate. Not a cheater, just a griefer.
Resolved it.

Just home… so havent seen chat today.

But, in the future, you can call out on @hwp in discord.
Have a lovely weekend


Thank you for getting my stuff back

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