GTXGaming server and EAH

I was trying to log in to my server earlier today with EAH full and lite. I couldn’t get it to connect with either. I was told by Taelyn on the main Empyrion discord page to message GTXGaming for the sign in details.

GTXGaming installed EAH on my server and gave me the sign in details. I can now get the sign in button to go green but cannot get access to the server controls. GTX told me to use EAH full.

I read somewhere that I may need to use a remote connection. Can anyone tell me how to get it so that I can have access to the server and game controls that are currently greyed out.

if you are referring to remote desktop protocol (RDP,) most hosts block this access to prevent malicious activity on their machines. there should be a way to upload files to the directories. see if the server host has given you FTP access. this will allow you to browse and manipulate files just as you do on a Windows pc.

I have FTP access.

Are you saying that it’s likely I won’t be able to get access to the Server and Game tabs in the config section?

Based on what GTXgaming said, I should be able to use the full helper. They told me to download the full version and installed it on the server.

I thought I might just be missing a setting and that’s why I can’t access those two tabs. The instructions aren’t very clear on how to set it up for those without a dedicated server.

I did such things very time long ago and my knowledge is not up to date anymore.
@Jascha can help you properly here - unfortunately he is gone until Sunday I think.


easiest way is, delete the Config folder in the EAH folder. Start EAH and enter the data GTX gave you on the first page.
Or just enter the data in this page:

FTP is not used in that case.
then restart the tool and it should work.