Guardians Guardian - AUXILIO RECRUITMENT

Hey guys I’ve been considering for a short time now about taking on another recruit, Kurupt7 has provided a great help to me with the new starter vessel design he came up with (very greatful for that) and various other tasks her preforms.
A few nights ago Kurupt7 asked me if I minded if he went to explore the universe, ofcourse I didnt mind and helped him with some supplies, but after I thought he maybe felt he had to stay on guardian starter. This ofcourse is not my intent I want to aid others so they can get more enjoyment from the game and feel more at home in the guardian origin.
So I decided to make this post, As I dont want to just recruit anyone and want the recruit to be sure and know what is expected of them.

A). Be sure Guardians Guardian is the correct faction for your playstyle. (G G follows the code of the guardians and focus mainly on helping the new and the weak)

B). DO NOT spam the starter with autominers, structures, HV/SV or CV
(auxilio is ran and maintained buy one autominer on each deposit, Please leave your CV in orbit and descend in an SV)

C). You are expected to read and be familiar with the rules of the server and code of conduct of the guardian origin.

D). You do not need to remain on guardian starter. (your free to construct a cv and explore. However you must return to Auxilio and spend some time there each day, helping new players, refilling starter boxes making sure supplies creates are stocked and producing/prepping starter vessels.

This isnt just a call to VETS I will happily take on a new player/s.

I will provide the recruit if need be,a warp sledge to warp then an epic assault to retain for 1 hrs to gain the initial one rp required for the FA:supply command.

I will also provide as much help and support as possible to the recruit if they are a new player
B will also not apply to a new player aslong as they keep their assets set to private until they initially leave guardian starter.

message me on here or add me on steam (Blackvortex) if you feel your the right recruit for G G

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