Guilt will not go away

Hi there,

I have an issue where I became guilty as an trader in Xion Orbit and it will not get away, even after cb:reset.

I just arrived from warp and travelled to a planet when my Ship went havoc and the turrets shot a player in space. So I became guilty, landed on the planet, left the ship and have been teleported in outer space. I obviously died over and over again.

Global chat explained this situation to me and I was OK with it. Learned something the hard way. However, I wanted to start over and now I have the issue, that even after cb:reset my character is still guilty. Is there any chance to remove the guilty status to get a fresh start?


  • Server: EU
  • Time it happend: August 16th, around 19:00
  • What playfield: Xion Orbit

Have you typed EGS:noguilty? like it sais in all the messeges about being guilty in the guides and everything xD

Hm. I havent found that command anywhere. Can you give me a reference to the guide where this is explained?

However, I am stuck on the starter planet now and I dont find an EGA zone on that planet :slight_smile:

I removed your guilt for now. (Accidently :expressionless: )
We will discuss the cb:reset function later

Hello KingTimmi,

we thought about removing guilty if you type cb:reset but as you might think this leads to some serious exploits and abusements. So we decided against it.

Information can be found plenty here:

We will improve the starter warp thing

Thanks alot you two!

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