Guilty System Questions

Hey there gents, and @RexXxuS (just for a possible admin view),

So I haven’t read any clear descriptions about the Guilty system, and honestly I love the idea, maybe a couple bugs and exploits that could be taken but nothing to out there to ruin the love of Empyrion.

Honestly my only question is how does someone become guilty? We all know Guardians and Traders become guilty by killing the same or the other origin, so what about Pirates? Freelancers? Hunters? Is it by killing someone? Taking someone’s ship? Jay walking across the street at EGS?

I think this is gonna effect what origin people decide, we are already stuck between them.

The announcement where everyone understands a lot more clearer is on my Armageddon List till 6.0 on rank 7.
Since the list is 13 points long (and growing) I hope I can get it done before the release.

Just short:
Everyone can become guilty and probably will. Depending on your gameplay.

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Thumbs up, looking forward to it and see you then! Great work!