Hack,bug,or just luck

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: All items of some cargo boxes desapeared
Player(s) with issue: Pepe Ladilla
Server: HWS Eu
Time (cb:time): Night of yesterday,12 monday
Playfield: Lawless Moon
Structure Name(s): Julian´s
Structure ID(s): 24397845
How can we help you now: i only wnt to Know what happened to learn about it if all was my fault,a bug,or smthg.
Important,the boxes had code lock,same the principal door.(yes, im stupid :blush:slight_smile:


since we can’t track items in cargo boxes of structures this is mostly happening due thieves or player mistakes.

I don’t know what was stolen so I can only tell you who was near your Julian’s structure.
Maybe it helps you but can’t say why and what happened for now.


Nothing strange in your report,i think it was a gamebug,no one want loot some shity items what i had(sry bad english).Dont make problem for my loot,my intention is only learn from experiences.finally its just a videogame
And thanks a lot for your great work with the servers and community.

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