Hacker Base on Hunter H1 moon

Hacker Base on Hunter H1 moon
2 things.

  1. we know underground turrets were made legal last seasons. sure, ok, fine.
  2. hackers utilizing a new method to double stack turrets on one block, creating a lag shot.
    this lag shot is inescapable. If you see the enemy base fire, you are dead, thats how fast it is.
    we know this is not normal. We know this is not a normal gameplay issue.
    yes you can remove it, and we appreciate it, but we need more to be done.
    we need this major glittch to be fixed, I can post a video if necessary, just let me know.
    On a normal heavily armored base, you see the base fire, at least you can flee, and survive.
    Vs. these new hacker bases, you cannot even flee, you see them, you are dead.
    Sorry this is not fun, its game breaking, so please ban the accounts responsible for making bases like this, perhaps they will learn this way.
    Again, making turrets underground, has been deemed legal, however these new methods,
    of double stacking turrets, and creating an insta death lag shot is cheating, is not ok.
    Why would you even wanna make something like that? doesnt even make sense. really, lolz.
    Its just insane. Please check this out, its insane.


thanks for the info.

Can you send us some more details.

or at least around which coordinates.

I remember making things stack by mistake on creative using the mirror mode and axis tool’s maybe people are using that method to stack turrets.

Yup that’s how its probably done.

@Jascha here is the video of the shot lag glitchs effects

please find the creator of this base, and ban them from the server

If I may put my two cents in here…

  1. Based on my combat experience, your cockpit was destroyed by the turret fire. Most likely taken out be the missiles or laser turrets, not lag shot. Additionally it looked like you were using a basic cockpit, which have the durability of a paper bag.
  2. You were flying a VERY light SV for attacking a base, making attacking a base impossible and even more impossible to get close enough to tell if turrets were double stacked. Hence my next point…
  3. You were unable to even get close enough to their base to confirm your claim that turrets were “double stacked”.
  4. Just an FYI to your assertion that attacking an enemy base with straight fire for 10 minutes, base assaults generally last several hours, maybe even a few days. You do not know how your turrets were firing and what they where firing at I.E. could have hit mostly the terrain or fired at redundant systems on the enemy base.
  5. Please do not assume this post to be hostile, I am simply stating out a few observations based on my experience that explain the reality of the situation and not that some faction was hacking.
  6. Just going to drive this one home and not trying be an ass but… Flying a VERY VERY light SV. I can even see your core. Did you honestly expect to survive even a second? Of course you were instantly taken out

I’m not sure I saw a turret exploit but at 3:31 it looks like someone might be using the growplotlessfarm exploit. Couldn’t quite tell but it looks like it.

I know there’s no fiber on H1…

ok i understand your point, but lets think only firing speed, of the cannons., normally, you can get away. With this UN-NORMAL rate of fire, this is clearly a sign, that a get-away is clearly impossible.
If I have a light ship, it means i fly fast. if i am flying at an angle. i should at least be able to escape the fire. trust me. pois with heavy guns, cannot fire this fast, because they arent cheating. If I build one massive base, with all max guns on it, full ammo, my tiny ship could still out run the blasts, flying at an angle. these are facts, and im a little suprised, to find, that you dont see any issues with this. Which clearly means, you are making bases very similar to this, and you dont want to be shut down. Look the facts have been laid down, lets just let the mods decide what to do from now on, there is no sense defending, or fighting about it. again this is not about ship design, or armor, or anything like that, though you like to make it about that. The logical people know this is not part of the issue.


You know the POI Guns are slower than base guns right? Bases run Flak cannons. They’re SUPER fast rate of fire MEANT to hit fast moving targets and they have zero visual trail.

@Mysterioso posted a DPS chart for each turret someplace so you can compare.

Have you assaulted Player Bases before? @Specter92 is right. Your cockpit was shot out from under you by Flak. That base isn’t qlitched that I could see.

Firing speed of the turrets looked fine. If they were double stacked, you would see two almost simultaneous shots. Now no matter how small you build an SV it will not outrun missiles on planet and certainly not lasers, miniguns, or cannons. You used a ship which was destined to fail almost instantly and you claim hacks/exploits. Its like attacking someone wearing full plate mail with a glass sword, then claim they are cheating. Now, reading your response to my observations only furthers my opinion that you are a very inexperienced player to Empyrion and can not take a loss well. Additionally, accusing other players of exploiting without evidence when they are trying to offer some kind of reasonable explanation based on YEARS of experience, you will find out how quickly the logical admins will throw your claim into the trash.

By the way, not saying there isn’t anything going on here, but that’s for admins to decide. I was simply trying to shed logic and experience onto the situation. You accusing me of exploits goes to show that just maybe, you’re one of those players that cries hacks when they get wrecked, rather then learn from their mistakes.


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