Hahn's Galactic Tale

This crew is lead by lionel, the rules of the server are understood , and this story is now knew.

We were maybe Lawless but do not consider us as Aliens or enemies.
We are pacific and friendly , in search of adventures and ressources.
We are only 3 and don t use (actually) the new ecnomic system.
We dont use (actually) blueprints.
We can give help if possible.

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:arrow_right: The story that i ll tell you here is absolutly right and you’llcan see by your own eyes that what i will tell you here is true…

It was an Epic Journey, we re alive… lost but alive. :unamused:

Me ,my brother DromEd and my friend Cavani were well prepared to make our first jump drive to the “Elemental Worlds” system to find some precious ores… We found it , well all is alright, any pirates, anybody else: let s take off.


Once in space i decided to visit Waterworld… we entered in the atmosphere , checked the map, and we had just a litlle look around… but what a surprise when we were attacked ! and it was a disaster too… :exclamation:

The CV was falling down because were too damaged, through the huge ocean that covers all the planet; we felt during 260 meters well crashed in the abyss. :astonished:

Bilan:" no more cockpit, no more fuel tank, no more warp drive, no more gravity generator… that s really turning bad…" :blush:

In a last hope , we decided to abandon our CV , ready to lose all , and prepared to die, to move at the only Drone Base that attacked us.
Average 300 meters later by feet , we were arrived but nothing. (wtf?) nothing at all… and , in a last move i decided to dig right Under our feets… and… :open_mouth:

Surprise! i m falling down into an Alien Base aand we can breathe !!! that s was a new hope ! :slight_smile:

After cleaning this Base , and find somme goods things we decided to return to our CV , because our Large Capacitor were operational… but we came here by a fall… how to go outside? :confused:

By luck , my brother still had his Survival Constructor , then we could do the necessary to work at our CV.

*if it s not wipe you can see our hole and our survival constructor for proof :mrgreen:

After many try , it was good , we were leaving this silent but dangerous world… but we lost many modules, we had to land urgentally at Homeworld. :neutral_face:

We re here , alive… lost but alive , landed in this unknow world… this in not finished , because we now have to find a promotheum deposit , we have no more fuel… Home seems so far away… :cry:

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Just great story! :smiley:
You found the Drone Base on Waterworld - good job!

That is the universe I had in mind… lost in space but never lose the hope!
Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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