Happy New Year 2024

Dear HWS Community @everyone

with the server restart now I added our traditional Happy New Year Firework Event back in!
This time different. It’s a queue event. So one of you can host it by typing ev:join:firework and others can join then with ev:join:firework
Then you can play it for 30minutes, wait 15 minutes and then play again. (until tomorrow evening)
You get credits, HWS DNA as reward every time you play but overall just relax and see stuff blowing up.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all heartly for this year 2023! A lof of new and old players joined HWS and we are very grateful for that.
The year ended very sad with the loss of Jascha but I will continue HWS and that way keeping him forever alive!
I already have big plans for 2024 and while 2023 was a year to settle things down, 2024 will be a year to finish and release stuff!
There are 4 big projects in my queue!

  • HWS+
  • HWS RE 2.0
  • Secret Project 1
  • Secret Project 2

The secret projects will be revealed once it’s time but especially Secret Project 1 requires 100% of my attention right now.
That and because of me doing the RE full wipe alone, are the reasons why I have to delay it for about 1 month to properly prepare for it, giving you new content to play.

So the year is starting with a big challenge for me but hopefully it will be all worth the efforts!
Sorry for teasing you but that is the best upfront information I can give you right now.

With that being said, I hope you had a great year and an even better 2024! :rocket: