Happy valentine's day!

What a job, what a design, what a mecanic !

Beautiful, gorgeous, magnificent POI and Planet. I dont know who did the job but it is a reaaly well designed event.

By the way, in the POI, i was a little stuck in the maze as player 2 because :

  1. I saw first the 8 number first, maybe replace the “appear” by “you touch” by while following the wall on the right side.

  2. I was sure that my code was for the other player, after 2 minutes of thinking I realize that my code is for my door :wink:


Thank you for the nice feedback @Tino

@Ju made it and she will be very happy to read this :slight_smile:

Hello @Tino , thank you so much, I love your positive Feedback and I’m glad, that you like it!

I’ve done little changes to the text, like you suggested :)!

Comes with one of the next server restarts.


I noticed that you cannot put anymore the cake in the OCD, I dont know if it is intentional but it make loose a lot of the interest in the love cake !

hm yeah, I will allow them for OCD again tomorrow